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Training@Infoseek - Training in a Software Company

Training@Infoseek is the Training Division of Infoseek. Which is a Web Development, Software, and Digital Marketing Company in Lucknow.

Infoseek is a Software Company with an Operations Office in Lucknow for more than 16 years. The most difficult part was hiring Eligible Software Engineers and Managers for Job. Fresher MCA, BCA, B.Tech, MBA, and BBA, didn’t have the hands-on practical knowledge to be hired. Web Developers with more than 2 years of experience move to NCR or Bangalore for growth. Software and IT Companies in and around Lucknow had no option except to hire Freshers. These Freshers need around 4-6 months of Training to start performing as Software Engineers or Web Developers. Companies had to invest a lot of time and money to train them to be productive. And as soon as they learn to work, they move on.

Training@Infoseek was established with a vision to create Job Ready resources. Both for our in-house job needs as well for companies in and around Lucknow.

The mission is to provide hands-on training, with Real Time live projects and Real-Time Case studies. These trainings are for B.Tech, MCA, BCA, MBA, BBA, and any graduate student to be ready for the job.

Training@Infoseek as the name sounds is training imparted by a Software Company, by Software Developers and Managers within an EcoSystem of a Software Company. It’s like getting Training from people who know what they are doing.


 Lucknow’s Leading IT/Software Company with Exclusive Training Department

Here at Infoseek, we don’t believe in whiteboard and marker training. We believe in making students self-learners and learning from the environment or Eco System of a Software/ Web Development Company by watching the real development process of  Web Developers/ App Developers working on live projects and having a feel of 1:1 Training. In various training programs here, you’ll learn all the skills needed to begin a web developer or software engineer career. Through hands-on project and technology training, we train you to build web and mobile applications using PHP,, JAVA, Android, Angular, React, Python, ML, AI, BigData, etc.

Studying the nature of the Software Industry’s job requirements at various stages of the career of Software Engineer from fresher to Team Lead, we have come up with various training programs to fit all types of training requirements throughout the professional courses like MCA, BCA, B.Tech, BBA, MBA, BSc IT, as well for Software Engineers/ Web Developers/ App Developers who are already in Job and want to learn something specific required for a job upgrade or appraisal (For example a Software Engineer working in some company on PHP would love to learn WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc, for an edge above others in his office).

Best Industrial Training and Internship in Lucknow for BTECH | MCA | BCA

Why Training@Infoseek

Industrial Training / Summer Training / Internship  is an important part of professional job oriented courses like MCA, BCA, B.Tech CS, B.Tech IT , Polytechnic Diploma etc. Most of these professional courses have Summer Training, Winter Training and Internship in Software Company, as part of their course curriculum to enable students interface with Software Companies and bridge the gap between their learning as student in Engineering or Management college or Polytechnic and working on Live Software, Website, App. development process as a software engineer, Web Developer.

There are more than 100 Engineering and  Management colleges in and around Lucknow and Kanpur, from which more than 20000 students pass out every year with a dream to be successful Software Engineer, Web Developer and Application Developer.

Training@Infoseek, helps these budding Engineers and Managers fill in the gap between learning the technology in college to building real websites and applications,  going through an eco system of Software Company as an intern, trainee, aprrentice. Only Software company in and around Lucknow, Kanpur, Allahabad, providing a platform for students to upgrade to an Industry ready, Job ready Software Developer.

All Training Here Includes:

  • Logic Building
  • Programming Concepts
  • Hands on Programming Language
  • Module based assignments
  • Work on American Projects
  • Mock interviews
  • Career Counseling
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