Why Infoseek

Skills: The particular IT skills are taught with a practical work scenario in mind. Thus most of our courses (depending on the size) integrate appropriate modules like understanding requirements, importance of documentation, popular software/IT processes, nature of IT teams, constraints of budgets and overall structure of projects.

Attitude: This involves aspects of personality, communication, integrity, teamwork, leadership and a high work ethic. We believe that this is a vital ingredient for any kind of work and is a primary requirement for success and contributing value.

Practical learning: Our courses and teaching methodology effectively attempts to address the two most important areas for success in a career.

Instructors: Our instructors are well trained in our methodology and the particular area of IT learning. They usually have industry experience and make the learning practical and oriented towards a real work situation.

Screening: We follow an exhaustive screening process to select our students and advise them on a suitable technology stream according to their abilities and interests. This process involves a written test and interview followed by counseling sessions.