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B.Tech Internship and Summer Training in a Software Company, Lucknow

B.Tech Internship

B.Tech Summer Training Internship in Lucknow

B.Tech (Bachelor Of Technology) CS/ET/EC is a professional graduate degree that focuses on building the base for a computer science, IT Engineer for a career in Engineering. Every maths student after passing 12th stndard, dreams about joining B.TECH in a reputated Engineering College. And after completing B.Tech, most of them want to join reputated Software Companies as Trainee Engineer to start their career as Software Developer, Web Developer, Software Engineer.

Only 20% of such engineers get job before leaving the college with a B.Tech degree. Other 80% lack essential skills which are required for the fulfilment of Entry level postions of Freshers in Local or MultiNational Software Companies (MNCs).

Passing B.Tech with good percentages would not land you a good Job as a Fresh Engineer. Industry expects practical hands on experience from an engineer, because in a company an engineer is not required to pass any exams, but is excepected to do work, be productive for the company. The reason for having 6 weeks Summer Training, as part of B.Tech curriculum is to make student become job ready. But truth is that students dont take this part of their curricullum serious. Most of them go for Summer Trainings in Training Institutes or buy Projects and certificates from such institutes.

Why internship in a Software Company ?

The actual purpose of having these Project Training and Internship is to help student learn by doing Software Projects, but going through Eco System of a Software Company for 6 weeks daily during summer training and sitting with Software Engineers. Computer Science and IT Engineering Students who do their summer training in a Software Company always have an edge over Students who do their Summer Training in training institute.

Internship in a Software Company is another level of addition to start of career as an Engineers. During or after completing B.Tech, 3-4 months internship in a Software Company would help students learn from the environment of a real eco system of a Software Development Company. In Internship students work as trainee engineer with Sofware Engineers as apprentice on varous projects. During this internship they learn technologies but also learn problem solving by watching Sofware Developers solve the problems arrising in their projects.

Internship is sort of getting a real experience of job without being on job. This make student ready for Job as Trainee Software Engineer. They learn how to do job even before landing a job for them. Internship certificate from a Software Company will help them get a job faster and easier. Hiring companies prefer students who did their internship in company instead of training institutes.

Engineering Internship at Training@Infoseek in Lucknow

Training@Infoseek offer summer trainings and internship. B.Tech Students who really want to build their career as Software Engineers for WebSite Development, Application Development and Software Development. We offer internships for latest trending technologies in demand. Training@Infoseek let Students go through development process of live projects  for our North American clients.

A mini project in Summer Training of 6 weeks and a full Software Development Life Cycle as an Intern for 3-4 months covering various assigments and major project and expertise area.

We also offer jobs to our interns after successful completion of their internship with us. We work on latest advance technologies like: PHP, Python, Java, Angular, React, AI etc.

Training@Infoseek has a team of best software engineers to train and guide our Interns.

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