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Job Oriented Training for MCA, B.Tech at Software Company in Lucknow

Job Oriented Training

What is Job Oriented Training?

Training Programs which help B.Tech, MCA, BCA, Diploma students get a job are known as Job Oriented Training Program. About 75% students do not get a job after completing B.Tech, MCA, BCA, Diploma. This is due to a huge gap between what they learn in Engineering/Management college and what is expected for a Job in a Software Company. Job Oriented Training courses are designed, keeping Fresher Job requirement in mind and trending Technologies in demand in near future.

Why Job Oriented Training?

Job Oriented Training is required for B.Tech, MCA, BCA, Diploma students who want job and didn’t get enough practical exposure to Design, Coding and Development during their professional course. Most of these students focus on only passing semester exams with good marks. Core Idea of doing these professional degrees/diplomas is to do hands-on practice on the latest technologies in demand which would get them jobs.

Job Oriented Training came into existence to bridge this gap between passing a B.Tech, MCA, BCA, Diploma to get a job offer in a Software Company or a Startup. These Job Oriented Training Certificates give an edge to astudent’s resume over others.

Job Oriented Training in Software Company in Lucknow.

As the name says, Job Oriented Training is only done in a Software Company. Training Institutes and Coaching Centers in Lucknow are selling their courses as Job Oriented Training. These training institutes have trainers who didn’t get to do development or coding in their career, hence they are teaching in these institutes in and around Lucknow.

How can someone who has not done coding themself teach you coding? Can they? No.

These Job Oriented Training should help you learn design and code on Real Time Projects on Latest Emerging Technologies. Design and Coding is something you will learn only by doing. Doing Job Oriented Training in a Software Company in Lucknow would make you learn how to do Design and Code.  Software Engineers who have been doing the same for years would be there to guide and help you in these Job Oriented Training.

Benefits of Summer Training in a Software Company

  • Environmental Learning via Eco Systems of a Software Company.
  • Focus more on hands-on trainings rather teaching programming language only. 
  • Trainers are actually Developers, they know the working part of Technologies.
  • Opportunity to work on Live Projects / Real-Time Projects.
  • Training Certificate of a Software Company has extensive edge over training institutes.
  • Probablities of Job Offers to Trainees in same Company.
  • Experience of full Software Development Life Cycle in Real Time.

Job Oriented Training with Training@Infoseek.

Training@Infoseek has started Job Oriented Training on various technologies like PHP,, JAVA, Android Application Development, Python, Angular, React Etc.

Training@Infoseek’s Job Oriented Training is crafted for both fresh engineering graduates and for pass-outs who are not able to grab a good job due to the lack of skills and industry exposure. MCA, BCA, Diploma and B.Tech students in and around Lucknow who are proactive and want to prepare themselves for a good job after the completing their course can do these Job Oriented Training to land up their 1st Job.

This program emphasizes on Real Time live project work, self learning and environment learning under the guidance of Software Developers. Being a Training Dept. of a Software Company in Lucknow since 2005, we provide a real time software development environment which adds an advantage for all students undergoing Job Oriented Training program. This training program not only provides technical exposure on Web and Mobile development but also inculcates work ethics, work culture and soft skills in students to make them 100% Job Ready.

To prove our expertise in making you a job ready professional, we provide 100% Job Assistance. Students who perform well during the training program with Training@Infoseek are hired as Jr. Software Engineer in-house and others are referred to our partner companies who need Trained Software Engineers for entry level Postitions or Fresher Jobs.

Job Oriented Training at Training@Infoseek Transitions a Student from a novice to working professional.

Job Oriented Training in Lucknow





Why Training@Infoseek?

Job Oriented PHP Training at Lucknow

Job Oriented ASP.NET Training at Lucknow

Job Oriented JAVA Training at Lucknow

Job Oriented Android Training at Lucknow

Training given by our software development experts.

Practical learning based training program.

Placement Assistance to students attending our training.

Who Could Attend?

B.TECH (CS/IT), MCA and BCA students seeking future in Web Development, Mobile Development, Application Development who have a zeal to get a job in IT industry at Software Engineers, Web Developers, PHP Developer, .Net Developer or Android Developers are eligible for this Industrial Training Program.

Admission on First Come First Serve Basis Limited Seats:

On-line registration is a temporary reservation of a seat for fifteen days that would be confirmed only if registration formalities are received at our head office within the stipulated period. On-line registration is a specific facility, shall be closed if seats are filled.

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