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Mongo DB | Training@Infoseek

Mongo DB

Mongo DB

Introduction to MongoDB

  • Installing MongoDB
  • The current SQL/NoSQL landscape
  • Document-oriented vs. other types of storage
  • Mongo’s featureset
  • Common use-cases
  • MongoDB databases
  • MongoDB Collections
  • MongoDB Documents

CRUD Operations in Mongodb

  • Creating documents
  • insert()
  • update()
  • save()

Querying documents

  • find()
  • Working with equality
  • Query operators
  • Building complex queries

Updating documents

Deleting documents

Introduction to Mongoose

  • Word on ORM/ODM
  • Installing mongoose
  • Connecting to MongoDB from mongoose

Core concepts of Mongoose

  • Understanding mongoose schemas and datatypes
  • Working with Models
  • Using modifiers in schema
  • Using virtual fields
  • Optimizing query performance by enabling indexes

Extending Models

  • Working with hooks
  • Validation of model data
  • Creating custom static methods
  • Creating custom instance methods
  • CRUD operations with Mongoose
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