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MCA Internship

MCA Internship Training in Lucknow

An MCA (Master of Computer Application) is a postgraduate degree focusing on IT. After MCA students look for jobs as Full Stack Web Development, Front-End Developers, Back-End Developers, Application Developers, Software Engineers, and Database Managers

But for the majority of MCA students, companies expect much more than what they learned in MCA Course. MCA students learn theoretical programming Concepts in College while doing an MCA Course. Most of these students after doing MCA lack practical exposure to Full Stack Web Development, Coding Logic, Managing databases, Versioning, SDLC, and Deployment of Live Projects.

All colleges in and around Lucknow/ Kanpur have an MCA course as a professional Job Oriented Course. These MCA graduates pass out from Lucknow, Kanpur, Allahabad, Gorakhpur, Barabanki, etc. And seek Job Opportunities either in Lucknow or NCR area mostly. But these MCA students need to go through an MCA internship in Lucknow. Which is as part of the MCA course or after completing MCA to get their first Job easily. 

Why an MCA internship in a Software Company?

Winter Internships or 4-6 month Project Training during the MCA course curriculum is mandatory. Because it enables MCA Students to learn and develop Web or App Design, programming, and coding skills practically. MCA Students are required to join Internships/Training in Software or Full Stack Web Development companies. In most Universities or colleges, MCA students have to do mandatory summer training or last semester’s Winter Training.

Students during MCA do training in Training Institutes in Lucknow

There are many Training Institutes and Coaching Centers in Lucknow that are selling their Training Courses as MCA internships and MCA Training. But these Training institutes are only teaching the programming languages and providing certificates. Honestly, these types of MCA Internships in Lucknow are waste of time and money. In an  Internship, MCA students need to learn how to do actual development work.

Just a certificate and learning only programming languages will not help get a job. Also,  Internship certificates from these training institutes have no value to companies who hire you for the job. Because companies know that the person who is teaching programming in these institutes in Lucknow does not know actual programming themselves.

An internship should transition students from MCA Students to Job Ready Human Resources. As a Software/ Web Development Intern in a company, they go through real-life Full Stack Development Training with complete SDLC. This internship in a company helps them learn the difference between what is in books and real life. They get practical experience on how Website Development Projects are done. Full Stack Development Training includes design, code, development, and management from requirement analysis to deployment on servers in real-life projects.

Benefits of MCA Training/ Internship in a Software Company:

  • Environmental Learning via Eco Systems of a Software Company.
  • Focus more on hands-on training rather than teaching programming language only. 
  • Trainers are actually Developers, they know the working part of Technologies.
  • Opportunity to work on Live Projects / Real-Time Projects.
  • Training Certificate of a Software Company has an extensive edge over training institutes.
  • Probabilities of Job Offers to Trainees in same Company.
  • Experience of full Software Development Life Cycle in Real Time.


Why MCA internship in Lucknow with Training@Infoseek? 

Training@Infoseek is offering a 4-6 months MCA Internship/Training in Lucknow. MCA students are groomed to be Front-End, Back-End, and Full Stack Development Trainees ready for jobs.

Are you a final semester student of MCA in Lucknow, Kanpur, Gorakhpur, Barabanki, Shajahanpur, Bareily, Banaras, or Allahabad?

You can join Training@Infoseek for Full Stack Development Training of 4-6 months with job assurance. Or you can also join the MCA Internship cum job program with a 100% job guarantee. This Internship cum Job program includes 4-6 months of Full Stack Development Training and a job after completing Training with Infoseek.

Infoseek is one of the best software companies for Internships and Training for MCA in Lucknow. MCA Students on internship here go through a real-life process of Full Stack Development of projects in a Software Company.  Training content for MCA  internship is essentially planned from fundamental to cutting-edge levels. We have a team of experienced professional Full Stack Developers for the training of MCA students in Lucknow.

For example, an MCA Trainee/internship with us would be working as an Intern and Apprentice under the Senior Full Stack Developer during the course of the internship and learning while they work.

Don’t just get MCA training with us, in fact, work as an intern with Training@Infoseek.

3 months MCA Training

Full Stack Web Development Training

MCA internship Course in Lucknow

Front-End: HTML5, CSS3, JS, Jquery, BootStrap and Ajax.

Back-End: Core PHP/ Python/Java

Database: MySql/ NoSql

Expertise: WordPress/CI/ Django/Spring/Hibernate

Live Real Time Project above

1-month internship

6 Months MCA Training cum Internship

Full Stack Web Development with Internship

MCA training and internship in Lucknow. 

Front-End: HTML5, CSS3, JS, Jquery, BootStrap and Ajax.

Back-End: Core PHP

Database: MySql

Expertise: WordPress/CI

Live Real Time Project on PHP/WordPress/CI

Followed by  1 month of Internship as a Trainee Engineer

Double Full Stack Training for MCA

Full Stack Web Development Internship with Job

Double Full Stack Development Training Course

Logic: C programming basic to advance for logic building

Front-End: HTML5, CSS3, JS, Jquery, BootStrap, Ajax, Angular JS, React JS, Express JS

Back-End: Core PHP, Node Js

Database: MySql/ NoSql, MongoDB

Expertise: WordPress/CI

Server Management, Versioning, Project Management

2 Live Real-Time Projects on PHP and MERN

2 month Internship in Company

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