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Drupal Training

Drupal is a modular, open source web content management framework that ships with basic functionality in the form of core modules. For the most part, you add new functionality with third party modules (known as contributed modules) that can be downloaded from At some point you may find limitations. You may want to modify functionality in a contributed module or core. You may want to move your configuration to code, or access an external data source.

You want to get to know the popular open source CMS Drupal and use it in future websites or projects? Learn about the different opportunities of Drupal. With the large variety of modules there are literally no limits. This training gives you an overview of different use cases like presentations, editorial systems, intranets, community sites or shop systems.

Drupal Training Highlights:

Drupal introduction

Site buildung basics

Content management – nodes, content types & taxonomies

Layout basics – blocks, regions & menus

Configuration – global settings, users, roles & permissions

Design & theming foundations

Architectural decisions

Best-practice modules

Views – Creating dynamic content listings

Advanced content solution with additional field types,references,image styles & flag module

Improved editorial workflow with WYSIWYG & text formats

Automated workflows

Advanced views: relationships & arguments

Views contrib: Views Bulk Operations & Draggable views

Granular permissions with Organic Groups, Content Access & Taxonomy Access Control

Automated workflows

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