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Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Training in Lucknow | Infoseek

HVAC Training

Infoseek is the best training company in Lucknow for HVAC, Infoseek’s HVAC training content consists of advanced level training. Infoseek is having a great team of trainers who are professionals and expertise in handling real time HVAC projects. Infoseek’s HVAC training material is for both the students as well as professionals. HVAC training in Lucknow by Infoseek on Live Projects.

HVAC Design is a domain of building services which is having huge demand throughout the world. HVAC stands for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning which maintain human comfort by controlling various properties of air. Every human needs comfort, in order to maintain comfort level in a closed room we need to calculate the amount of heat produced in a room.


Infoseek provides best HVAC training in Lucknow, As HVAC industry offers good potential for numerous careers in various fields as in Design & Drafting, Execution & Maintenance, AC Technicians and sales & Marketing. Apart, it also provides scope even for self employment and entrepreneurship. HVAC industry can even thrive in times of poor economy. According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, a typical Technician can earn around US $18 dollars per Hour, narrating the work and economical potential of the industry.


In the present scenario, the global Environmental Imbalances are creating a substantial hike in the use of air conditioning, transforming it from a luxury to a need. In an effort to “GO GREEN”, saving money to attain better comfort level for Spaces, making the consumers to Acquiring the HVAC Systems. According to a survey on job opportunities in the field of HVAC, there is a increase of 40% in the past five years which is expecting to be 34% more by 2020.

HVAC Training in Lucknow

All Training Here Includes:

Introduction of HVAC, psychometric chart, sensible heat, latent heat and type of air conditioning systems.

Ventilation calculation for exhaust air and fresh air requirements and effective duct routing for kitchen, car parking and commercial toilet.

Section of fan, filter, coil etc and winter load calculation (1- Manual method, 2- E-20, 3- HAP software, 4- ELITE software)

Types and classification of ducts, selection of duct material and ducts gauge, duct fabrication procedure and installation material(SMACNA)

Duct designing (1- velocity reduction method, 2- static regain method, 3- equal friction method, 4- ductulators)

Air terminal sizing and selection using BETA program considering false ceiling pattern, fan and pump laws.

Plenum box calculation, ESP calculation for blower.

Hydraulic calculation for chilled water pump selection and head loss calculation for open and close loop.

Calculation for chilled water pipe sizing, header pipe sizing and types of valves and gauges required

Expansion tank sizing, primary and secondary pump selection.

VRV/VRF system designing and refrigerant pipe sizing.

Stair well pressurization and district cooling system design.

Equipment selection- chiller, cooling tower, AHU, FCU etc.

Cold storage designing and energy conservation measures.

Basic of AUTO CAD.

HVAC design and shop drawing preparation:

Representation of air conditioning and ventilation ducts, Chilled water pipe routing, duct fitting – elbow, tee and wye. Dampers- volume control dampers, splitter damper and duct supports. Representation of duct/pipe level, slope, flow direction, AHU, FCU, Valves-isolating, regulating, NRV, Strainer etc.

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