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Plumbing (Supply and Drainage) Training & Certification | Infoseek

Plumbing Training (Supply and Drainage)

Infoseek is the best training company in Lucknow for Plumbing, Infoseek’s Plumbing training content consists of advanced level training. Infoseek is having a great team of trainers who are professionals and expertise in handling real time Plumbing projects. Infoseek’s Plumbing training material is for both the students as well as professionals. Plumbing training in Lucknow by Infoseek on Live Projects.

Plumbing play a very important role in the development and maintenance of communities. This is an in-demand, profitable career path and there is no time like today to begin carrier in plumbing. Plumbing do not just design & install and repair existing pipes; they also maintain new pipes as construction takes place.Plumbing course can offer you the skills to work in residential, commercial, and public settings. If you work in a big enough centres, you can choose to specialize in a certain area, such as new installations in commercial buildings. Plumbing can also enjoy the benefit of year round work and can have excellent opportunities to become self-employed. If this sounds like the job for you, join for this course today.


Construction of buildings and the need of new plumbing systems should drive demand for these workers. Overall job opportunities are very good as some employers continue to report difficulty finding qualified engineers. Around 10% of a construction budget is shared by plumbing that involving water supply, sewage, and storm water & fire safety work generating employment even to not highly educated people. Employment of plumbing professionals is projected to grow 41% from 2012 to 2022, faster than the average for all occupations.


As water resources are depleting day to day, there is an immediate attention for economical water consumption & recycling, making Public Health Engineering a significant element. Plumbing industry has been around in one form or other from 8000 years spreading its wings from unclogging household drains to installing high pressure industrial steam pipes. Recent trends in construction & plumbing sectors, results in tremendous increase in volatility over the past few years consequently generating a huge work platform.

Plumbing Training (Supply and Drainage) in Lucknow

All Training Here Includes:

Introduction of plumbing systems

Common sanitary fixture details- standard trap pipe and discharge pipe sizes, standard slop for discharge pipes. Wash basin, water closet, showers, sinks, bath tubs, bidets, urinals etc.

Calculating over – head tank sizes , sump capacity based on occupancy or floor area for residents, commercial, and industries based on NPC and IPC.

Formula for flow through pipes- (a- Darcy’s formula, b- Chezy’s formula, c- Manning formula, d- Reynolds number.)

Water supply pipe sizing according to plumbers chart.

Water supply in building (a-direct system , b- pumped system)

Elevated tank and ground water reservoir sizing.

Pump head calculation for selection of pump.

Need of auto pneumatic system and pressure tank sizing for high rise building.

Designing of septic tank, dispersion trenches and soak away pit.

Designing of storm water drainage for building.

Fountain pump selection based on head calculation and pipe sizing.

Basic of sewage treatment plant.

Estimating hot water demand and selection of heater.

Flush water and portable loop sizing

Fixture discharge method.

Soil pipe and waste pipe material selection and sizing

Detailing of plumbing services and preparing plumbing drawing and isometric drawings.

Working drawing –(a- location map, b- site plan, c- plan of roof , d- floor plan of the building)

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