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Revit MEP Training and Certification in Lucknow | Training@Infoseek

Revit MEP Training

Infoseek is a company which gives best MEP Training in Lucknow that emphasizes on knowledge and technical skills needed to perform related tasks. Infoseek gives professional training to B.Tech Mechanical and Electrical students which help them in developing from classroom teaching to proficient learning. Infoseek conducts training and workshops on MEP for Engineering students and Professionals. The Curriculum of the MEP Training and Workshops in Infoseek is set in such a way that connect students to current industries requirement.


Revit MEP is quickly becoming the global standard for design professionals. We offer Revit MEP Basic, Revit MEP Advanced and Revit MEP Families courses that are suitable for beginners who are just starting out with 3D modeling as well as for seasoned 3D CAD software users. The aim of the basic course is to teach beginners the core functionality tools of Revit MEP 2017, which are necessary for creating 3D modeling and design projects. The advanced course covers the advanced features of Revit MEP, allowing users to manage and control projects as well as advanced detailing and documentation techniques for the most complex projects. And, the course on Revit MEP Families is designed for users who wish to learn about the parametric family tools from simple to advanced objects.


Revit MEP has grown to become the industry-norm. Powerful, resilient and resourceful, Revit MEP has helped architects and MEP engineers to completely revamp the way buildings are designed, constructed and even demolished. It can handle everything from preliminary 2D layouts and project conception to final 3D renderings and ultimately destruction.With the recent resurgence in the construction industry, Revit MEP professionals are in huge demand all over the world.

Revit MEP Training in Lucknow

Air Systems

Plumbing System

Piping System

Protection Systems

Course of Content :


Start with MEP Projects

Working with Annotations and Dimensions

Planning Mechanical Systems

Designing Mechanical Air Systems

Designing a Mechanical Piping System

Planning an Electrical System

Planning a Plumbing System

Designing a Plumbing System

Designing a Fire Protection System


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